Saturday, September 3, 2011


If you live in Nebraska, it is mandatory that on a fall Saturday you shall wear RED! It is imperative! It does not matter if you are a Husker fan or not, you must wear RED.

Our family has had Nebraska stadium seats for over 60 years. Yes, the same seats in the same place along with about 100,000 other people. My mother-in-law tells me how the protocol of attending a football game went when she regularly joined the festivities (back in the days). It was more than a football game, it was a social occasion all the way through.

My mother-in-law was a marvelous seamstress and always dressed like a million dollars. She related how she would be dressed in her finest with matching coat or suit, always in beautiful high heels, hat and matching hand bag. We still have the thermos she and her husband would carry to the game with hot coffee or hot chocolate (when the boys were along). Yes, even on the coldest days, fashion took preference over practicality. Now a days however, you are lucky if the college students look like they have made an effort to cover up their sleeping attire.

The spirit has not changed throughout the years. The prep talk begins on Monday. Are you attending the game this week? Or whose place are you watching the out of town game at? What are you serving at your tailgate party? Finally by early Saturday morning, all of the details have been sorted out.

I am NOT a die-hard fan of almost anything. I do however wear red as often as I remember to. It does give me a good excuse to purchase a new something or other. I'll take anything as an excuse these days.

Well, off they went this morning. My family is currently at the football game today dressed in red with big smiles across their faces. I'm not sure who they were playing today but my understanding is -- we should surely win. Let's hope so so the smiles will stay in place.

Can hardly wait until Monday when the whole scenario begins again!


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  1. Thank goodness they won! What would we have done if they had to be sad for days due to loss! We can feel the spirit of Nebraska here! I honk at people who have a Huskers bumper sticker on their car. They probably think I'm just an impatient driver, but I always wave to assure them it's not in anger! Go Huskers!