Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Am I there yet?

How do you know when you have arrived at a particular place in time? There are so many stepping stones in our lives. Yesterday I wondered if I had finally met one of those milestones. Here's a few of my symptoms. When I awake each morning I notice it's a lot earlier than the alarm would go off when I was working. Getting out of bed takes a little coaxing, not because I'm not ready to get up, but because the muscles don't move as readily as before. I find it harder to see my eyebrows. I know my sight is not what it used to be, but it seems as if my eyebrows now blend into my face. When I look into the mirror, sometimes I catch a glimpse of my mother. She's be gone now for a few years, so I know she's not here. During our outing watching our grandsons golf, no one thought we were his parents. Shopping for good shoes always ends up with me buying another pair of tennis shoes. Steve and I have more silent conversations. I seem to be ready for dinner much earlier than a few years ago. I guess I need time to digest it before I head for bed at 8:00. My darling daughter continually badgers me to color my hair. I kind of like the "ash blonde". Work no longer interests me. I am content keeping up with my home and family. I never seem to speak clearly. Steve always asks me to repeat what I just said. Outings always include a doctor's appointment. Why do all my pictures seem to have wrinkles on my face? Inside I feel the same as I always have. Why do people assume I qualify for a senior discount? Perhaps it's not me, maybe society has just changed their perspective on what "senior" really is. I have not arrived there yet, I'm pretty sure. Young as ever, Jan

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Life Signs!

My blog is entitled "Signs of Life". How appropriate, for each day, I accept and appreciate. This week has had so many life signs. We attended a funeral for a dear friend's father. Kermit was a very close friend of my in-laws, so we were honored to pay our respects. Death is a part of life. It is easy for to accept the reality when a person has lived a full life. A life not only in the amount of years, but also the love they have shared with friends and family. God was a part of Kermit's ninety years. What a bonus to know he will spend eternity with the Lord. Our dear, little Arieanna, finally returned to school. She was restricted from activity for eight days, after her surgery to reattach both of her retinas. Thank you to the doctor and staff, who with God, performed an intricate surgery which restored her sight. She will need to refrain from some activities, but has only a 20% chance of a detachment. Yesterday, we were honored to attend a Rotary luncheon which honored one top senior from each high school. Our grandson, Kyle was a recipient of the honor and a scholarship. Kyle has matured into such a wonderful young man. He is well rounded in activities, golf and academics. We are so very proud of his accomplishments and very excited to see where this will lead him next. I am delighted that I am still able to see enough to design and sew draperies. I am busy refurbishing furniture to work in the basement Steve has been finishing for the past two years. I can't believe we are finally at the point we can actually decide on furnishings. Very exciting! Wish us all luck that it will be ready for Kyle's graduation party only one month away. Our neighborhood dinner club tonight. How fortunate to be able to meet with friends for over eight years. Life is so good to us. Live, Jan

Monday, April 16, 2012


I can hardly wait to wake up each morning.

I love my home. It feels good. It is a comfortable place to be. The vista of the golf course with the sounds of the early morning mowers, beg a person to rise.
My new Lattissima Plus coffee maker, is the "bomb". It treats me to a professional latte everyday. (Just a minute, I believe I need another cup.)
That first morning kiss, from the same man I married nearly 43 years ago, is familiar and I appreciate it.
I do a once over to check out the ole body. I make sure all is still in operating condition and thank God for giving me another day.
I pray for my family that their day will be filled with blessings. I pray for my friends that their lives may be filled with happiness and the strength to carry them through adversity. I pray for guidance for our government, that we be lead with wisdom.
The morning always starts out fresh. I usually have a plan, but being retired allows me to be flexible.
I enjoy listening to the news. Being informed empowers me.
I put off the treadmill until just before I need to get dressed. (Walking gives me a sense of accomplishment.)
Quiet, to ponder my blessings is precious.
And plenty of projects to fill my day

Arise and feel the spirit!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Be Prepared!

I sit here awaiting the storm. Perhaps the meteorologists will be spot on this time, and the "life threatening" storm will make its way to our area. Perhaps the storm ahead is one we can't even imagine.

Are you ready?

Do you have your affairs in order? Have you discussed with your family your final wishes? Is it important to you to leave things in order?

I always remember my mother spending extra time before we would leave our home, to make sure everything was in order. At the end of each of my parents' lives, their affairs were also left, just as they lived, "in order". I am determined to do the same for my children.

We have had numerous warnings in the past few days regarding our upcoming storm. We have our "safe" location designated, water, food, tv, blankets, meds, extra clothes, flashlights, walking shoes, etc. ready to go. We have done our due diligence to prepare ourselves the best we can.

Lightning is searing across the sky, dark clouds are rolling from west to east. Rain is periodically pouring from the clouds, thunder interrupts our thoughts and conversations. God has certainly done his best to alert us to the evening ahead. I guess my question is, am I ready for what may be ahead?

The storm may or may not rain down on us, or yet it may be another type of storm for which we should prepare. I hope I am strong enough. I trust God will wrap His arms around and shelter me.

Stay safe. Be prepared. Plan ahead. Be wise and be strong. Do not waste time on fear. Fear can paralyze and take away needed energy. Love and live as much as you can each day.

May your storms be nothing more than a warning.

Live from Nebraska,

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If Only

It happened in just an instant. A child begs her mom to "pleeeze" let her check out what her friends are doing. Repeatedly, Mom tells her "no", but finally relents and lets her eight-year-old join briefly in the activities.

We all remember how many times our own children broke down our strong convictions and against our better judgement, we gave in to their desire to do what the other kids are doing. In our heart, we know the activity has a potential to be dangerous, but perhaps the risk would be worth the reward.

Our daughter's daughter, used her persuasion powers to convince her mom to let her get out of the car to checkout the new toy the neighbor received for Easter. Not being familiar with the air-pumped nerf rocket, Arieanna leaned over to see it more closely and of course, this would be the time the rocket accidentally would shoot off into her face. The shock of the impact must have her head and she was left in a great deal of pain. Ice was applied and after a time, all appeared back to normal.

Another tragedy was averted, lesson learned.

As a parent, you act as if all is well, but in the back of your head, you have that feeling that there is a slim possibility something may be lurking.

Fast forward to the next day at the ophthalmologist, when you hear the words you weren't prepared to handle. "We have a very serious situation here." Your breath no longer comes easily. Your heart beats at a pace you aren't accustomed to. Maybe that's because your heart has sunk as low as you think it can go.

Time has now passed through surgery and a long night full of worry. Only time will begin to slightly ease the trepidation of doom. Both of these beautiful brown eyes. The eyes that look to you for guidance, will need to heal from detached retinas. An accident that could have, would have, been avoided "if only".

Our family selfishly ask for your prayers. May they include strength for us to deal with whatever the future brings to Arieanna. May her sight be restored or foresight to deal with transition to another vision.

Grandma Jan