Monday, April 16, 2012


I can hardly wait to wake up each morning.

I love my home. It feels good. It is a comfortable place to be. The vista of the golf course with the sounds of the early morning mowers, beg a person to rise.
My new Lattissima Plus coffee maker, is the "bomb". It treats me to a professional latte everyday. (Just a minute, I believe I need another cup.)
That first morning kiss, from the same man I married nearly 43 years ago, is familiar and I appreciate it.
I do a once over to check out the ole body. I make sure all is still in operating condition and thank God for giving me another day.
I pray for my family that their day will be filled with blessings. I pray for my friends that their lives may be filled with happiness and the strength to carry them through adversity. I pray for guidance for our government, that we be lead with wisdom.
The morning always starts out fresh. I usually have a plan, but being retired allows me to be flexible.
I enjoy listening to the news. Being informed empowers me.
I put off the treadmill until just before I need to get dressed. (Walking gives me a sense of accomplishment.)
Quiet, to ponder my blessings is precious.
And plenty of projects to fill my day

Arise and feel the spirit!

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