Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If Only

It happened in just an instant. A child begs her mom to "pleeeze" let her check out what her friends are doing. Repeatedly, Mom tells her "no", but finally relents and lets her eight-year-old join briefly in the activities.

We all remember how many times our own children broke down our strong convictions and against our better judgement, we gave in to their desire to do what the other kids are doing. In our heart, we know the activity has a potential to be dangerous, but perhaps the risk would be worth the reward.

Our daughter's daughter, used her persuasion powers to convince her mom to let her get out of the car to checkout the new toy the neighbor received for Easter. Not being familiar with the air-pumped nerf rocket, Arieanna leaned over to see it more closely and of course, this would be the time the rocket accidentally would shoot off into her face. The shock of the impact must have her head and she was left in a great deal of pain. Ice was applied and after a time, all appeared back to normal.

Another tragedy was averted, lesson learned.

As a parent, you act as if all is well, but in the back of your head, you have that feeling that there is a slim possibility something may be lurking.

Fast forward to the next day at the ophthalmologist, when you hear the words you weren't prepared to handle. "We have a very serious situation here." Your breath no longer comes easily. Your heart beats at a pace you aren't accustomed to. Maybe that's because your heart has sunk as low as you think it can go.

Time has now passed through surgery and a long night full of worry. Only time will begin to slightly ease the trepidation of doom. Both of these beautiful brown eyes. The eyes that look to you for guidance, will need to heal from detached retinas. An accident that could have, would have, been avoided "if only".

Our family selfishly ask for your prayers. May they include strength for us to deal with whatever the future brings to Arieanna. May her sight be restored or foresight to deal with transition to another vision.

Grandma Jan

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  1. Oh Jan,
    Praying, praying praying.......I've been praying pretty much for the last five days straight, so will definitely add her to the list and for healing and coping. I so hope Melinda and James are doing alright. What agony to be possibly facing. Prayers. Love to you all.