Saturday, April 14, 2012

Be Prepared!

I sit here awaiting the storm. Perhaps the meteorologists will be spot on this time, and the "life threatening" storm will make its way to our area. Perhaps the storm ahead is one we can't even imagine.

Are you ready?

Do you have your affairs in order? Have you discussed with your family your final wishes? Is it important to you to leave things in order?

I always remember my mother spending extra time before we would leave our home, to make sure everything was in order. At the end of each of my parents' lives, their affairs were also left, just as they lived, "in order". I am determined to do the same for my children.

We have had numerous warnings in the past few days regarding our upcoming storm. We have our "safe" location designated, water, food, tv, blankets, meds, extra clothes, flashlights, walking shoes, etc. ready to go. We have done our due diligence to prepare ourselves the best we can.

Lightning is searing across the sky, dark clouds are rolling from west to east. Rain is periodically pouring from the clouds, thunder interrupts our thoughts and conversations. God has certainly done his best to alert us to the evening ahead. I guess my question is, am I ready for what may be ahead?

The storm may or may not rain down on us, or yet it may be another type of storm for which we should prepare. I hope I am strong enough. I trust God will wrap His arms around and shelter me.

Stay safe. Be prepared. Plan ahead. Be wise and be strong. Do not waste time on fear. Fear can paralyze and take away needed energy. Love and live as much as you can each day.

May your storms be nothing more than a warning.

Live from Nebraska,

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  1. Hoping all is safe and sound in the basement! The storms have been on the news all day! Be safe and we will make our preparations for any storms that may come our way. Will get things in order. Good advice!