Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tennis Anyone?

Today I invested in something very exciting and important to me. I believe so strongly about this that I am hoping you will find your own passion and do the same.

We all know what a busy society we live in. We see and feel priorities tugging at our sleeve all day long. We multitask and do our best to keep our lives and others on track. It's frightening to think about how precarious we see ourselves in this big world. Just imagine what it would be like if we didn't invest in the most important part of the ladder we cling to.

Today I bought a fancy new pair of tennis shoes! Not a cheap pair, but a pair that certainly must be revolutionary. I have a mind set that guides me to believe that with the purchasing and wearing of these shoes, I will truly be transformed. My investment in the above said shoes makes a statement (if only to myself) that I am worth investing in.

Now some women used to think a new hat would lift their spirit or perhaps a great pair of stilettos would surely make a difference in their life. But you see, getting a pair of good-looking, comfortable tennis shoes for one of my age who has a bunion and flat, well-worn feet, is a well deserved "high".

I've now got three consecutive days of walking around the neighbor under my belt. My dear husband says we have made it to the mile mark! (Yes, that's when you add all three days up...stop that laughing.). Keep in mind I just had back surgery and I've just started breaking in the new shoes.

If you see me and my new shoes prancing around the street, please take the time to slow me down so we can have a chat and I can take a breather.

Remember, make an investment in yourself today. You are the glue that keeps this world spinning. You are important to your family and to me.

Uphill again?

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