Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Duck, Duck, Goose

Hold your hat and be sure you wear camouflage.  As residents surrounding a golf course, we are privileged to enjoy nature of all kinds.  We have the casual mid-aged walking golfers, the sharp (out to impress) spirited post teen inebriated golfers, the dressed to the hilt, women golfers, a few deer, badgers and lots of geese.  I share this information so you can understand the the scenery out our back door.

From a non-golfer state of mind, all looks well.  I am used to the early morning wake up drill of the mowers parade and the inspirational sounds of the birds near by.  I love living here and had no idea there was a feud going on.

Apparently our golf course, along with others in the area, are experiencing an onslaught of uninvited guests.  These guest ignore the rules of play, they leave behind unsightly litter, damage the greens and talk back to the patrons in a demanding tone.  They don't wear regulation golf shoes nor are they attired in official golf shirts.  The club owners have decided it is time to give them notice that they are no longer welcome.

We received an email this past week to inform us of what regulations had been taken to eradicate these unwelcome foul and to not be alarmed when the attack started.  Residences should not be alarmed if they noticed people, on the course, wearing brightly colored fatigues and appearing to be armed.  We should also make note, not to call authorities, or the club house, after hearing what may appear as gunshots.  The "gunshots" are only harmless rubber balls released towards the "unwanted" only to scare the rascals away.

We have been assured, no geese will be hurt during this forced migration from our beautiful course to perhaps another course, where they may be welcomed with open arms.

The attack began today.  I noticed the attackers and identified the popping noise of the pellet guns.  A huge group of geese promptly left their perch and I did not notice any stranded golfers in the fairway, so I am assuming all is under control.

I'll let you know how the rest of the week goes.  I think I'll make a few signs for the geese to give them a "heads up".  "Spread your wings and poop somewhere else."


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