Thursday, August 25, 2011

Soaring Wings

Last weekend we finally had one of those perfect nights. The kind where you sit outside and marvel at the weather, the scenery and the friends that have come together to create the perfect evening.

It was our first time to visit a local winery located just a few miles from our neighborhood. After arriving to "Soaring Wings" it was difficult to remember we were in Nebraska, not Sonoma. The grape vines greeted us, the rolling hills were lush with greenery, the landscapes looked as though they had been plucked from a picture.

While tasting a myriad of wines, we enjoyed watching the hang-gliders slicing through the air and when the hot air balloons drifted by on que, we knew we were in a special place and time.

I had planned to write about this adventure a few days ago but now I am glad I put it off so I can truly share with you what "Soaring Wings" means to me.

My friend, my sister-in-law, received her wings on Tuesday. She and I had a lot in common. We had married brothers (even though her marriage didn't last), which meant we had the same mother-in-law to emulate. Our children are cousins and similar in age. We kept in touch through lunches, phone calls and emails. January 8th, 2010, we accidentally met in the lobby of Methodist Hospital as we were both being checked in for diagnostic testing. She ended up with a blood cancer and I with brain cancer. Needless to say, we were prayer warriors for each other.

I shall always remember how peaceful the evening with friends, good, music and great weather was. Surely it must be only a snippet of what heaven is like.

"Sister" use your soaring wings to enjoy what God has in store for you. We will miss you but know that in time we will all dance again together!

Until later,

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  1. Jan, I'm so sorry to hear this news. I hope she is in peace now and that you have fond memories of her. -Stephani