Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bionic Woman

I cannot remember the last time I actually went shopping and did not constantly browse the store to scope out a chair, I might be able to jaunt to, to relieve my back from pain. Today was the first post-surgery day (one month and one day to be exact) I have had the opportunity to try out my "new" back while shopping.

I am sure the clerks and other patrons were wondering why I continued to grin, from ear to ear, while finding nothing to buy. NO PAIN! Absolutely amazing to say the least. Talk about a miracle...

I guess getting older isn't all down hill. If I can manage to mingle with the real people out doing everyday things, perhaps there's even more in store for this piece of art God has created.

Many of you know how true it is when I remark that "I sometimes don't know who I am, when I get up in the morning". The last time I was "just me" was approximately 21 years ago. At that I time I received a gift from a wonderful donor of a pancreas and kidney. I also received blood from over forty donors. Now if that doesn't confuse a person's body, throw in another kidney three years ago and more transfusions and finally titanium rods and screws. Perhaps there ought to be a TV series named the "Bionic Woman" and I could try out for the part.

Many of you also know that I attended the High School Academy with Mary Hart (from Entertainment Tonight), great lady even in high school. I wonder if she naturally looks that good or if she has had a little help like I have.

Life is good and God is great!

Watch out girls, I may someday join you for a walk around the neighborhood.


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