Monday, August 15, 2011

Prom Night!

Do you remember your prom night?  The excitement of being asked out by someone special, the picking out of the dress and hoping they guy would adorn you with the perfect flower corsage to make others drool.  Yes, just thinking about prom night does bring back some good memories.

I actually attended three proms during my high school years.  No, I didn't repeat any grades in order to go three times, I just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

When I was a sophomore in high school, my parents moved us to a small town of 1,600 people where half the kids attended the Catholic school and the rest of us went to the very old, asbestos-filled public school.  It was spring and I was the new girl in a class of approximately 25 students.  Most of my fellow classmates had attended school together since the start of time.  Needless to say, I was an outsider.  Somehow the junior class selected me to be a server for the junior/senior class banquet.  This was a coveted position most sophomores dreamed of having.  I, on the other hand knew nothing of this tradition and gladly accepted the task.

I showed up for my duties at the banquet (in the basement of the Church of Christ) wearing the required uniform, a sailor dress, served the honored guests and sang the song "Ebb Tide".  Later, "my date" Bob, picked me up for the dance.  Bob was a big, football player, farm boy.  The dance was held at the local golf clubhouse.  I thought I had it made.  I wore a short dress, which I had made, had a date with a gentleman and went home at a reasonable time.

Let me tell you, probably not the way to start your second month at a very small school.  The girls were not impressed that the "preacher's kid" was a server, the soloist and had a date.  Oh well!

The second semester of my junior year, I once again transferred schools.  My parents had known I was not excited with my current school and also knew I had been begging them since eighth grade to allow me to go to a boarding school in South Dakota.  This was a Lutheran school which specialized in music.  Music was my interest, so they finally relented and allowed me to make the move from home.

Prom, my junior and senior years seem to blend together, except for my dresses.  How I could even imagine the thought of wearing either one of them to prom, is beyond me.  One was gold brocade, the other one was light yellow crepe on the bottom with a dark gold velvet top with long sleeves.  Both were long and did absolutely nothing for my coloring or my shape.  (The shape thing is my biggest regret because I actually had a shape back then.)

Dancing was not allowed at our school, therefore we dressed up, did each other's hair and proceeded to the gymnasium for snacks and to enjoy a string quartet.  Needless to say, the entire group returned to our dorms at a very appropriate time.

Now, some of you may wonder what brought all this reminiscing about.  We are involved in a dinner club in our neighborhood.  We meet every month at a different home.  We have been doing this for about eight years.  Most months we don't necessarily have a theme, just meet to enjoy the food and each other's company.  This month however, is PROM NIGHT!  So, I think you get the drift.

Sure hope my corsage matches,

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