Wednesday, November 30, 2011


As I sit here, in this small room, full of chairs and people I don't know, I feel a kinship with all of them. In one respect I have been on both sides of the coin. I have been the patient, waiting for the door to open and the technologist calling my name and today, I am the family member waiting for my loved one to return to the safety of my company.

There have been numerous hours of my husband and I waiting on separate sides of this door I sit next to today. When I am the patient experiencing the stress of an MRI, I always wonder what Steve is doing to occupy his time. Our daughter, Melinda is the patient, so I wear a different hat in this waiting room today. The stress is still there, but the anxiety is at a different level when it is your child. (Yes, I know she is in her upper thirties, but she is still our child.)

When we need to spend time waiting for tests to be done at one of our local hospitals, I always am amazed that these big buildings are full of people who need expert care from all the professional care givers residing here. When you spend so much time in doctors' offices and hospitals, you begin to think there must not be anyone out in the real world without illness.

Thank goodness there are bright, compassionate people who dedicate their lives to be caregivers to others. Thank goodness we live in a metropolitan area that specializes in research and is a magnet for doctors interested in cancer, transplants and other necessary areas.

I will continue to take deep breaths, on this side of the door, and pray the specialists get enough information o enable them to do the next test on Friday. I also pray for Melinda, may she have strength and peace.

A loving Mom,

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