Thursday, December 15, 2011


I am so excited to share our event from last Saturday morning. Steve and I hosted a fund raising Christmas brunch for our neighbors. It was time for the house to be adorned for the season, time to give to those less fortunate, time to bake, and time to share with friends. This was the perfect way to be motivated to do all of it at one time.

I like to take time to go through my house and decide how I want it to look and feel for Christmas. Steve always reminds me to "shop" the decorations he's displayed in the family room, before I decide I need to purchase something new. Funny that after 42 Christmas seasons how many things I have to choose from, even though I have deleted numerous items in the past. (Remember when everything had to look country or the homemade phase?). Well, when I feel the pressure of an event, I do much better setting a deadline rather than doing a little bit here and there.

The tree was adorned, the holiday dishes set the festive table, the menu was selected so the only thing left was to order the perfect morning weather. As it turned out, we could not have chosen a more perfect day for a brunch. In Nebraska, we had already had our first beautiful snow and the early morning brought a frost that turned the trees and bushes into shimmering white icicles. The temp was warm enough so some braved the short walk to our house in just sweaters and the sun shown bright.

Our company enjoyed mimosas, orange juice, coffee and a few bloody Marys. We served Creme Brûlée French toast, egg casserole, fruit, Swedish Hamballs and Christmas cookies.

Our generous guests brought donations for the women's shelter and later in the afternoon a few of us delivered them. I would call the effort a great success and a reminder to all of what the season is all about.

Today is the day I have set aside to start the Holiday baking. Must get the stash ready so I have something in hand when I visit my friends' homes.

I'm blessed to be able to still do this again this year. I must take advantage of these fleeting moments. The past two years, I didn't think I would have, have flown by too quickly.

Breathe, and enjoy the season,

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