Saturday, December 17, 2011


Coffee in bed this morning, a treat from my favorite husband. What a nice gesture for a loved one. The decorating is complete, the shopping is done so next on the agenda is to finish up the baking. It's a good thing the inner baker comes out at these special times.

I've completed the banana bread and pumpkin bread mini loaves, the pecan sandies, Oreo/cream cheese balls, peanut butter blossoms, and white chocolate pretzel sticks. Today I'm going to tackle decorated sugar cookies. Wish me luck, I need it.

It's so nice to be retired and have the time to put together treats for friends who don't have the pleasure of time. I remember too well the stress of being young with children and working away from my home. So appreciative when someone remembered my family and shared their spirit of the season with us.

Keep your fingers crossed that I have all the ingredients I need today since I don't drive. Steve is busy working on our son's basement so he won't be home for a while. Oh well, it's always gives me a chance to touch base with the neighbors if I find I'm short of something.

Here's a great, easy recipe for all of you.

Oreo/cream cheese balls:  Cream together one package of Oreo cookies (crumbled) and eight ounces of cream cheese. Form into walnut sized balls. Refrigerate for over an hour, dip in melted almond bark. Cool.  Eat!

Love to you all!

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