Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It's Our Pleasure

Steve and I have diligently been working to finish a huge project. I have always known I was married to a very handy man, but these last few months, my admiration has grown even more. Our son Sean, and daughter-in-law Sarah, have a large home. With a fifth child on the way this summer, they seem to fill every inch of their home. Therefore, when you have a whole unfinished space staring you in the face, the only logical thing to do, is put a plan together and get 'er done. The above realization began well over two years ago in the fall of 2009. The planning and figuring were set in place and a few steps took place. Then we hit a snag. January 2010, was the month I had brain surgery, and all priorities took a different turn. Recovery from the initial surgery, a detached retina and surgery to try to correct that, chemotherapy to attack the lymphoma in the brain, plenty of lab appointments and MRIs, all took lots of time. We also buried my mother, so that was another delay we managed. Steve's time was to spread so many directions. My heart went out for him. I could no longer drive, so my ability to help certainly cramped both our styles. Fast forward to this January 2012. We were returning home from a two week stay in Arizona. During our return trip, both of us decided it was time to get this project off our plate and get back to retirement. Steve had finished the storeroom, which included a walk in closet, a gift wrapping station and 30 feet of storage shelves. He also had the majority of the electrical work and studs in the 1000 square foot main living area completed. Drywall was the next step. Our second grandson, Kyle, graduated May 20th and I am proud to announce that his guests enjoyed the beautiful new space. The kitchenette did not have water, but Sarah had sweet talked the granite people into installing the counter just in time for the event. We've had friends who have asked us why we do what we do for our children. I can only say, we do this because we can and we enjoy the process. I have been able to refinish and restore old furniture and also sew accessories for the basement design. I was able to also make drapes for the main floor family room and am currently sewing drapes for the office upstairs. Why? I can only say, it's our pleasure! May you find your passion and enjoy sharing it. Jan

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