Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day!

Happy May Day! Did you hear the ring of the doorbell this morning and find a treat left for you on the doorstep? Those were the days when you could roll the paper doilies into cone shapes, add some ribbon, and fill them with homemade popcorn and candy. Now, we dare not share anything that is not hermetically sealed and prepared under stringent rules prepared by the Dairy Council, FDA, FBI or something that regulates how we prepare food. Life used to be so simple when all the regulations weren't in place. I don't recall anyone dying from cupcakes, made by MOM, making kids sick in school. Now regulations require all treats being delivered to a school, be purchased and individually wrapped. Back to the simpler time - how about if we all start a friendship chain. I'll start the process here and you follow in your neighborhood. Let's take some time to bake a treat and share it with a neighbor or two. Include a note instructing them to do the same. May could be a favorite month of the year if we all do our part in making it just a little more special. May your day be filled with happiness, Jan

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