Monday, July 11, 2011

Pool Guy

I am back at my home reflecting over the past weekend. I'm glad to have had such a pleasurable experience with my neighbors. It is always good to get away from your own place of comfort and enjoy another's home base. I don't believe any of us would have changed any part of the weekend. We accomplished everything we set out to do.

The trip went remarkably fast, as you might expect, with four women chatting simultaneously all the way to the cabin. I was the only one who had been to the home before, so it was fun to see how close I could describe it to the others. The food we brought turned out to be appropriate for all of our outdoor meals. Perhaps the ambiance of the setting contributed to the delicacies also.

I am proud to proclaim that my sleeping partner confirmed I do not snore and stated that proclamation to dear Steve, when we arrived back home. I've been telling him for years that he is snoring so loud himself and that is what he is hearing. Glad we have that straightened out finally!

Our thanks goes to "the pool guy"! I am sure we would have had a wonderful time if our friend's husband had not been home, but he certainly made a number of things much easier. "Pool Guy". a.k.a. Gary, was home due to a back injury. that however, did not seem to stop my friends from requesting a couple of boat rides, the blowing up of the floating island, a tour of the neighbor's home and art work, or ice and wine delivered to the raft. With a grimace and then a smile, Gary seemed to accommodate everyone. Thank you Gary! I can't imagine the women getting the boat in and out of the boat lift.

Our husbands were all waiting when we arrived and it was fun to witness the garage doors opening in sequence as we approached our designated homes. You see, the four of us girls live next door to each other, so nothing gets by any of us.

Steve enjoyed his roll as hostess, our second night away, and served the guys steak dinners. Of course when we heard this was underway, we each called our spouse to make sure everything was in order. (What did we do before cell phones?) Kris made sure Tim made brownies, Theresa left a message for Tom to bake a frozen cherry pie (but Tom told Steve he chose apple instead), Patti reminded Frank to check what else would be needed and Steve let me know he had everything under control and of course he was serving a vegetable, asparagus and hash browns.

I've been told not to ask too much about the first night we were gone, because they ate out at a "place not probably approved by us". I'll leave that to their conscious then.

Thanks to our hostess with the mostest and to her "pool guy",


  1. Glad you had a great time. Even an injured POOL GUY is better than no pool guy! It's good to take time out and enjoy friends.

  2. The boys did enjoy themselves for two days!