Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Roller Coaster

My house is dusty all the time! Does anyone have any suggestions to control this? I understand we have construction going on our highway 370, but does that dust really drift all the way over to my house? I suppose it could, and does. Remember when Mount St. Helen's volcano went off in 1980? The reports were the volcanic ash drifted all the way around the world. Perfect! When company comes, I'll just blame the dust on some fictitious volcano half way around the world. Any bets my company will agree they have noticed the same phenomenon at their home?

Speaking of our beloved highway redo...I sure hope the improvements being made enhances our trips to and from the Husker stadium. Have you watched how those big earth movers have diligently cut down the country side and built up the valleys? I always felt as if we lived out in the country. You know, where we could enjoy the fields, watch the horses tails swish the flies away and wait with anticipation to get to the top of the hill to find out what vehicle was traveling toward us. I'm going to miss the roller coaster ride to Gretna. Progress is being made by limiting the elevation changes of our route.

I often ponder the sensibility of those in charge of repairing or upgrading our roads. Today I once again had to ask the question, "Why would they do that?". We were traveling on our normal route through town when we came upon a ROAD CLOSED sign. Sure, this was not unusual as we could tell an upgrade was underway. The baffling part was, the detour road was "under construction". Now, I ask you, "Why would they do that?". See what I mean?

Most times, and it seems to make no difference what time I'm out on the road, I notice the "pot-hole fillers" are taking a break. How many people does it take to walk up and down the "under construction" road to get a piece of equipment moving? Perhaps if I spent a little time out in the elements, with no bathroom available and no chair to rest my buns on, I would be doing the same. I'd just like to stop and ask someone, "What really takes so long to get things done?"

It is so easy to sit back and judge when I am not the one involved. Just like my company can when they see the dust and wonder why it's still there.

Coast on,

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