Thursday, July 14, 2011

Whine, no Wine!

I look forward to summer when the weather allows us to enjoy the atmosphere outside. The flowers are in bloom now and they have not begun to wilt from me forgetting to water them. In other words, I haven't killed them yet.

Summer also allows us to interact with our friends more because we tend to hang outdoors when it is nice. In the summer, Thursday's are special in our neighborhood, we have our "Wine in the Park". No, we don't "Whine in the Park". This is a freelance group of neighbors who get together to enjoy each other's company. Some actually drink wine, others sip on iced tea, pop or maybe even a beer or two. Conversations range from where to buy the best tenderloin, to what's happening on the family front.

Everyone seems to enjoy the evening, not only because we see our neighbors, but also because no one needs to do any preparation to make this event happen. No need to straighten up the house or get snacks pulled together, because we all simply take care of ourselves.

This morning will be a busy one for us. It's lab day today so that means it's errand day. Steve and I make our lists and while we are out on this mandatory run, we attempt to remember all the other errands we need accomplished.

It sure seems like "the remembering" gets harder as you grow older. We both make an effort to jot down our lists when the light bulb goes off and reminds us, but then the trouble begins when we forget the lists at home.

My mother had a system that seemed to work for her. She was a teacher, so she would tape a note (this was long before post-it's) to her purse, which she would leave in her car (here again, a long time ago). It must have worked, perhaps I could update her system.

List so far:
Blood work
Sunscreen for face
2 ft. 4" vent pipe
Organizer insert
Wine for park

May you have nothing to whine about,

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