Friday, July 22, 2011


I am anxiously waiting, with hope, that the "back" angels are all fired up to do their thing. I took a deep breath, and let me tell you, this was a really, really, extensively deep breath and under went back surgery, a laminectomy and fusion. All I can tell you is - it is amazing how quickly the nurses and surgeons must move when they are working on you.

I remember talking to Steve regarding something totally frivolous when in came two charming ladies. I believe they were about to ask me to join them for a party or something when one reminded the other that she had brought the magic potion for the event.

Strange how anxiety can totally disappear when "magic" enters your vein. Personally, I don't quite recall the rest of the invitation, but Steve said he walked with me down the hall where the girls put my party hat on and he proceeded to tell me he loved me. I remember none of this, but apparently I reassured Steve that if anything went wrong, I had lived a great life!

That was the most disappointing party I'd ever been to. I had no snacks (they had asked me not to eat for twelve hours, so I was plenty ready for cake or something). The only hostess gift I received were these yellow socks with grippers on the top and bottom of them. The drugs must have been pretty high quality because I did feel fairly well.

We will now skip days two and three, as to not spoil if for those of you who may some day need this procedure in the future.

I am now home, safe in my comfortable bed, with my own pillow, a new bed spread and shams (the old one just wouldn't do in this situation). Steve purchased an exercise step platform for me to step on to be able to enter and exit the car. He also bought and installed a grab bar for our bathroom and a "pik-stik" so anything I needed, that's on the floor or out of reach, I can quickly arm myself with this contraption and retrieve it.

Steve thought I should have everything at arms reach in order for me to be independent. This morning, as our day was just beginning, the unthinkable happened. I reached for a tissue, caught my arm on the pik-stik, which in turn knocked over the glass with the left over diet orange pop, which promptly spilled all over the top and down the back side of my bedside table. Sounds pretty bad until I tell you, I have WHITE carpet.

Wonder what color of carpet will complement the new spread,


  1. So glad to see you are able to be up and about some. Thankful that the surgery went well and now prayers for a speedy recovery and any pain or discomfort be manageable for you.

    On the carpet front, if you haven't been reading all the house magazines, orange spots on white carpet is becoming quite the trend. (p.s. hydrogen peroxide will get it out) spill a little orange on a carpet remnant and then try the hydrogen peroxide.........should disappear right before your eyes.

    Love you!

  2. I'm pretty gounded to bed for up to 12 weeks. Good thing I have an iPad.
    I'll try the peroxide. Great idea!

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