Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You Are Not A Guest, You Are Family - Part 1 - Anticipation!

Your family is anxiously awaiting your arrival. Whether you were a surprise or a long awaited being, your arrival is an important event in their life.

Don't be surprised at all the hustle and bustle that occurs around your new home in preparation of you. Remember, there are plenty of hormones floating around the premises and they can surely influence what people do and say. Don't worry, we will discuss hormones at a later date.

In most families, the expectant arrival is anticipated as one of the most important "guests" they will ever prepare for. Especially, if you happen to be a "first-born". Notice the prospective parents have finally tackled the task of cleaning up and clearing out the "junk" room. Now, do you know of any other family member they have done this for? Usually they simply close the door to that room and hope no one looks for the bathroom that direction.

Yes, it is very confusing at first. Your room has been painted, a new bed has finally acquired the last left over screw from the box marked miscellaneous on the instruction sheet. Someone has decided it's time to utilize the home economics skills, acquired in seventh grade, to make the picture perfect curtains for your new room. Maybe not quite your taste at this time, but you can already feel the love in each stitch.

As your new home continues to fill up with big and little specialties for you, the little "prince" or "princess" to be, I can tell you are preparing for your role as diligently as your family is. You are ready to respond to voices, you have also found your thumb to sooth yourself. You already know your kicking will bring attention to not only the Mom, but also to those around her. Yes, your role as "star" is well suited for you and you haven't even met your grandparents yet.

Soon it will be time for you to make your grand entrance into the family and be the "highlight"of their life.

Whoa, "You are not a guest, you are family!". Yes, at first all of the signals are mixed. I can certainly understand how you might be confused.

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