Friday, June 17, 2011

#1 Grandma

Today I began my day with the intension of being the #1 Grandma. I was up early to shower and retrieve a good-looking outfit so when I arrived at our destination I wouldn't embarrass anyone. We left home by eight this morning and you must understand that in a retired person's mind eight is quite early.

The rain began almost instantaneously as we pulled out of our driveway. Of course the "we" I refer to is my driver, darling Steve. We had to drop by a doctor's office to claim the glasses I had left behind. (It's tough realizing that age is catching up with you.) This only added about 20 minutes to our trip.

We arrived at the designated golf course on time, but that's when my desire of being the best grandmother faded. Being dry, and warm seemed to be much more important than the opposite. Kyle, my middle grandson, age 16, is playing in a tournament. I usually love to follow him around in the golf cart. We love to be part of the gallery. On a day such as this though, I can hardly wait until he is featured as a star on the golf channel and I can cheer him from inside.

It is truly a special part of a grandparent's dream to be on the sidelines and encourage a child to accomplish a task they enjoy, and do so well. The rain has stopped and there is still hope I may be able to earn that #1 spot as Grandma. I received a call from Steve that I should join him on the next 9 holes. Yea, and I didn't even get my hair wet! That's what you call good planning.

Kyle is a quiet, intelligent young man. His demeanor on the golf course is fun to watch. First of all, he looks great. He dresses sharp, is slim, maybe a little too slim, and his swing will impress anyone. I know this for a fact, because last Christmas Steve and I took him shopping for a new driver. The sales person asked Kyle if he golfed much. Kyle lowered his head and said "a little". We then proceeded to the area where a person can "practice swing" the club. After the first swing, the poor sales person stepped back and declared he had never seen anyone swing a club that well. You can only imagine how hard it was for us grandparents to keep our smiles normal and peacock feathers in tow. Yes, that's my grandson!

Besides being an excellent student, Kyle also loves to cook. You can tell he has captured the essence of the food channel. A little "wham-bam" thrown in here and there. Very confident!

Grandparents are always proud of their offspring, but our grandchildren just seem to be exceptional.

Remember, your children and grandchildren may be the responsible parties who will determine how and where you reside later in life. I'm doing my best to let them know they are my favorite people in the world and I am privileged to have them in my life.

Love Grandma,

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