Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rock It!

I do not understand all the nuances that take place when you are finishing a basement. I love to watch all of those HGTV programs. The designer hears all the ideas and desires from the home owners, then improves the plan, both parties agree, and they get started. In a mere thirty to sixty minutes, the project begins, has plenty of set backs, and ends up looking like a piece of art.

My darling husband has been working on our son's basement for the last two years and we are not even close to picking out a color for the walls.

Every week, Steve spends some time at Sean's home. When he is in the confines of said basement, I am sure he is diligently working his little heart out. I know the work that he doing is of an expert quality and the finished product will be fabulous. It just seems to me that the project is way over the sixty minute mark and I am getting bored waiting for the reveal.

A peek behind the scene is a necessity at this point of my story. When this venture began in earnest, Steve felt he should take off about a year to assist me in my recovery from brain surgery. He justified this decision by bringing me my mocha in bed each morning. He also spent time on mental health and self preservation by periodically participating in golf games, gardening projects and hanging out with many of his close male neighbors. Of course there were and continue to be numerous doctor appointments, mandatory to my recovery, and since I don't drive, Steve is my designated driver.

Today however, is the first day of drywall going up! We are about to see a glimpse of what the basement could eventually be. I am so excited for all of the parties involved. I do hope we have no more program interruptions until the reveal happens.

Note to self: When HGTV finally calls Steve to request his assistance to produce a show called "Moore for More", politely thank them for contacting him, but at this time he is very busy.

Rock On,

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