Sunday, June 12, 2011


Many, many, many years ago...did I say, many years ago? My dear, handsome husband, graduated from a small town high school with approximately 40 other students. This weekend we are attending his class reunion.

Think about it. I, along with numerous other spouses, did not attend school with these people, nor did I spend 18 years growing up with them. I actually know no one. I can hardly wait to go. Yes, I've been to a few of these reunions before and can't really get too excited about the event.

Even though I will be attending with, what I consider, the best looking and kindest guy in the class, I know that Steve will be Mr. Personality and enjoy time with everyone there. I, on the other hand, will get to know a few of the spouses, but secretively will be waiting for the stroke of midnight so I can retreat.

What does a person wear to a reunion anyway? Usually, the type of restaurant dictates the attire, however this will be at a classmate's home. Inside or out would be helpful. Picnic or casual, no clue. Help!

Perhaps, If I was a trophy wife I could waltz in and at least look good. At my stage of I life, I can't even wear cute shoes, they hurt. Okay, I can turn this into a positive. I will pick a conservative, attractive pant outfit, comfortable shoes and paint my fingernails.

I will prepare an emergency list of subjects. I will wear a big, friendly smile. And I will glean as much information as I can from others.

Thank goodness I'm a year younger than Steve so I can practice at his reunion.

The cookies are great, stop by.


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  1. the reunion turned out to be a good event. Aboard were terrific, weather was great and food wonderful! good time by all