Monday, June 6, 2011

Beautiful Life

Many years ago I read a book, "Living the Beautiful Life" by Alexandra Stoddard. I was a young wife with two small children and I felt like there was never enough time to accomplish the ordinary stuff, much less to live, a so called, "beautiful life". Every day began to look like the day before, and I was sure there was more to life than this. The book pointed out how a person could take an ordinary task and make it feel special. From that time on, I decided to make my life, my family's, and my friend's life "beautiful".

Let me share a couple of examples. Is there any reason we always set the table with the everyday dishes? Spice up the look of a meal by setting a pretty table. I guarantee your food will take on a new sense of importance when it is served on a pretty plate. Good china is NOT just for company. It is for the special people in your life, your family. they deserve your best.

Laundry always seemed like such a chore. Gather the dirty clothes, drag them to the washer, dry, fold, put them away. Not too exciting in my book. Now my laundry room is one of my favorite places to be. Steve, my wonderful husband, painted it a great shade of taupe. My cabinet pulls are silver replicas of butterflies, dragon flies and bees. I have pictures of my grandchildren framed above the coat hooks and I added the gift wrap wall organizer from Pottery Barn. Now I smile when I go into the room. I enjoy the process of laundry and don't mind folding the clothes before I leave the room.

For a while, Steve used to come in the kitchen and notice a vase of flowers or a bowl of fruit on the counter and ask me "Are we living the beautiful life?" Perhaps he's in a "beautiful life" rut by now, but I'm not. It still gives me a sense of accomplishment when our bed is made and the room looks like a magazine. Don't get me wrong, our house is not perfect by far, but everyday I attempt to make a portion of it look better.

When I get to a place in life when I don't care anymore, I will know the signs of life are fading. For the record, I don't plan to see that for a very long time!

Wishing you a beautiful day,

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