Monday, June 20, 2011


Today I received an email referring to aging. Some of us feel as if we are already in that season of life and feel it is our duty to warn the rest of you...

Aging is just a matter of the mind. Haven't you heard that before? I can tell you from my perspective that I know no single person that doesn't want to be considered young of mind. We make every effort to keep up with the latest lingo, styles, and electronic devices. However, just as we feel we have moved to the next new contraption, we find it already has a "do not buy tag" on the one we just purchased.

Aging is definitely not for the weak. You must be strong to be able to accept your limitations, such as having to turn down dessert to keep a svelt figure, or deciding to wear the shoes that feel good instead of looking good. Making time to stop and smell the roses when the truth is, you really just need to take a breather. Not exactly sure what your real hair color is, because it's been so long since you actually had a color. Trying hard to secure a pair of pantyhose and feeling self-conscious about wearing them. You must, because the blue veins in your legs just don't tan anymore. Eyebrows, what a joke. I've gone to guessing where they are 'cause I sure can't actually see them anymore.

Look at the trials and tribulations of choosing a cell phone or just the thought of giving up your land line. I've had the same phone number for the past 37 years. Some of you aren't even that old. How will people know how to get in touch with me? They may think I moved or, worse yet, died. Can't let that happen.

Should I get the fancy one with the text pad, camera, Internet, and email? So many gadgets... after checking everything out, I think I need the one with voice mail and large, visible numbers. Yep, should be practical.

Intuitive people will keep in mind though, aging means a lot more experience and living has taken place. Wisdom comes from those life experiences. It is important to respect their opinions. In most cases it's "not our first rodeo". We could have valuable information, which shared, could save undo anguish.

Be kind to your elders, even the grumpy ones. Who knows, you may grow grumpy when you are old. Life is short and it won't be long before you see yourself right where your grandparents or parents are.

Wrinkles are a proud sign of life,

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