Friday, June 10, 2011

Rain Today

The weather seems to set the tone for what I choose to do with my day. Sunshine gets me up early to finish up the bare minimum house duties, so I can be outdoors to enjoy the day. Snow, is not my friend, except it does motivate me to get some deep cleaning done. Now rain, it always sets the mood for baking.

This morning I was all set to begin the task of creating my famous chocolate chip cookies. (No, not for the garbage collectors.) You may ask, why are they famous? Well, I once had similar cookies where the baker had drizzled melted chocolate over the top, and they made the ordinary cookies pretty special. So, from that time on, I felt as if I should do the same.

Keep in mind, I no longer drive. Let me set the scene. It is overcast and rain in eminent. My darling husband Steve, has left for a golf outing, clear across town. I planned ahead and had him place the heavy Kitchenaid mixer on the counter. He purchased chocolate chips the last time he was at the store along with extra sugar and flour. I should be set.

I can already taste the dough. It is mandatory for the baker to taste test the dough. How else do you know if you've put all the ingredients in? The house is mine alone, so I can move at my own pace. I am pumped.

NO BUTTER! I can't believe my eyes, how can this be? All my plans foiled in just one instant. I suppose I could try the neighbors. One last ditch effort - maybe, just maybe, Steve would have a minute to detour back home with the prized ingredient.

Again, to my rescue!

Note to self: Check supplies in advance. Buy extra butter.

May the chips fall your way.


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