Wednesday, June 8, 2011


It feels like I am always waiting. When I was very young I can remember wanting to grow up just enough to be able to skate or ride a bike with my older sister or brother. I'm sure the waiting game continued even when I had accomplished those feats because of course, I wasn't big enough to go to the same, far away places, they could, and it would be a very long time before they thought of me as an equal.

I am the "middle" child. There has to be advantages to every position in the family, but when you are in the throws of growing up, surely the order of your birth was not your favorite. Let's see - the oldest has to break in the parents and set a good example for the rest of the kids. The youngest gets away with everything because the parents are worn out and figure you'll live since the others did. The middle child is the parents' only hope. Only the child in this position can imagine the pressure that causes.

Ta-dah! I believe I am finally in the best position of my life. I'm the MOM! This means that I get to make all the rules. Every day when I get up, I can decide exactly what I want to wear. I can make other big choices too, like if I should take my vitamins or not. It is my decision alone whether or not to wash clothes or clean the house starting at the left side of the room or the right. When you are the MOM, everyone listens to your words of wisdom. In fact, they listen so well a Mom feels compelled to repeat it many times. A Mom has the pleasure of propelling the vacuum at any speed she wants and in any room she desires. I ask you, does anyone ever take that privilege away from a Mom? Yes, I have the best position in the family.

Waiting, oh yes, that's where I started today. I had to wait for a phone call to let me know when my ride was going to pick me up. (I can't drive any longer.). I had to wait for the doctor to see me. Now I have to wait to find out if I should proceed with surgery or not and I am again waiting for dear Steve to return from his monthly meeting that I am sure was finished at least an hour ago. Good thing I'm patient.

The waiting is over, my patriotic pleated banners arrived!

Until next time, just hang on,


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