Tuesday, June 14, 2011

IPad Too

I received an iPad a number of months ago after being introduced to one by my brother, Keith. Last fall we decided to make a trip to Colorado and enjoy all of it's splendor. While visiting in Colorado Springs, we found all the family members looking great and in fine shape. Along with the mountains, springs, the Air force Academy and handsome great nephews, we also found out about this contraption (the iPad) that we just had to adopt into our family.

The iPad is my link to the world beyond our home. I love that I can enlarge the font, change the brightness intensity or magnify a picture in order for my poor eyesight to be accommodated. Some believe change is not all that it is cracked up to be, but in this case, change is the only way for me to go.

Since our youngest grandson, Evan, has been one, I have helped him look at his mom, dad and sibling's pictures on the iPad. We have read countless action-filled books along with games appropriate for his age. Well, as we knew it would happen, now Evan has received his own iPad, from his parents, as an early birthday gift.

I can hardly wait to see which apps are downloaded on his. Mine probably will not have everything his does, so I hope he'll be patient with me until I can get caught up. Of course he has the iPad2. That means I'm already behind. I believe the older kids will get some time on the Pad when little Ev is asleep, that is if they can sneak it away from under his arm. The child already knows way too much for a 20 month old, but how can you not feed a child knowledge when that's all he wants.

I must inform you that our other grandchildren are also brilliant. (Sounds like a grandma, don't you think?) Each and everyone of them have a special talent and only they can hold such a dear and special place in my heart, as they each do. Again I say, I am a blessed and fortunate person.

May you also feel blessed,

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