Friday, June 17, 2011


Nebraska, along with many other states, is experiencing flooding. Not since 1952 has anyone seen this much water flowing down the Missouri River. I was only two at that time, so I have no recollection of the event.

It appears the excess snow and rain up north, has greatly influenced this current situation. At this time, Gavins Point damn is releasing 150,000 cubic feet of water per second. A person cannot even begin to fathom this amount going through the spillways in Yankton, South Dakota.

I used to live 20 miles from Yankton, in Hartington, Nebraska. My father was the Lutheran minister in this town of 1,600 people. This quaint, little town didn't have nearly enough shopping opportunities for us residents. Therefore, we would often take the trip to Yankton to shop.

Gavins Point has a beautiful park like area on both sides of the river. It was and probably still is a great place for young couples to have a romantic date. I cannot imagine how much force and power is going through the gates at this time. I am sure it is anything but serene.

My brother's family (Larry - no, not the cable guy) lives in Sioux City, Iowa. The city is already getting more water than it can handle. The river front venues are under water and we know it will only get worse.

We can only hope that this flood will change our status from a city on the river, to a city on the beach. Just think about what we can do with all those sand bags. How about using them for a beautiful beach front. Perhaps some of the now flooded parks can remain lakes. Maybe Nebraska will be like Minnesota, another state with 10,000 lakes. We like boating and fishing as much as the next guy but our opportunities are pretty slim.

Check out the website below for unbelievable pictures and it is to get much, much worse. Pray for those affected.

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  1. These photos are amazing and it's hard to believe it could last for months. Shenandoah is so close to Hamburg and could be in jeopardy of flooding as well. They are all in our thoughts and prayers.