Tuesday, June 7, 2011


It's over 100 degrees today, the wind seems like it is in a hurry to get somewhere. Probably heading for somewhere cooler. I'm glad our trash was picked up early so it didn't have a chance to make unexpected visits to our neighbors.

Is garbage a "sign of life"? Monday evenings our neighborhood driveways become parking lots for garbage cans. The cans stand at attention and await their turn to be flipped upside down by that great big truck every Tuesday morning. I feel like I should leave a big bag of chocolate chip cookies for the dependable collectors. My fear though, is that I would leave them on the lid of the can and, my luck, the automatic truck lifter would flip them in with the rest of the trash. Just can't take that much of a risk with my homemade cookies. I suppose I could get up extremely early and sit outside on the porch waiting for the truck to arrive. After thinking about it though, I don't think I should. I need my beauty sleep more than they need the calories.

Have you ever thought about how you would feel if you went to your mailbox several days in a row and didn't receive anything? Wow, great for the first day or two. No bills, no flyers or junk mail? I'll bet by day number three you would start to worry that someone else was receiving your treasures. Then, a sigh of relief when finally a piece of junk mail arrives. At least you know you're still on the roster. Today, when Steve brought in the mail, my short-lived enthusiasm faded from excitement for the arrival of the shorts I had ordered to, oh no, I have been contacted for jury duty.

Now, I am going to take the call to jury duty as a compliment. You see, that means they think I have the faculties to preside as a juror and it is a sure "sign of life" in my book. That means, there are still people out there causing ruckus and I am still alive! My motto, always find a bright spot.

Hope the shorts fit and that you aren't in need of a jury,


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