Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The sun is a bit brighter today. I suppose that could be a fact since we have had overcast skies lately. Even the clouds seem lighter and more friendly. I feel capable of being free for a few months again.

When you are in the throws of a life threatening disease, every test and following doctor's appointment puts a heavy weight on your shoulders until you get the "all clear" sign. Yesterday, I saw the smile from my oncologist as he entered the room. His smile was from deep inside him. I know this, because together he and I are attacking a very, very rare brain cancer. Even though my doctor specializes in cancer of the brain and lymphoma, this particular cancer has only been seen about 30 times around the world. Treatments to prolong life are experimental.

In 1990, I took a leap of faith and became one of thirty or so patients to receive a transplanted kidney and pancreas. This was highly experimental at the time. There were no guarantees that my body would accept the organs and if they would work. I took the risk and have come out way ahead with a health-filled life.

Because of a generous family making a decision to give life to someone they would never know, I was able to see my children grow into adults and raise there own children.

Life is so fragile. Look at everyday as a gift to you. Make it count! Be the best you can be for yourself and for those around you.

Smile, life is good!

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