Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Afternoon Delight!

It looks like a perfect day out. That is if you are a female, there's a great sale and the things you really wanted are half price. It's a bonus for me because even the sun is shining, no humidity and the temperature is only eighty degrees. Thank goodness my driver is feeling available, so this constitutes the aligning of the stars.

Shoppers quickly move from store to store and then from rack to rack. I always wonder what their mission is. What motivates them to spend so much time contemplating the purchase of a particular item. Are they out for a perfect style or color or is it all about the hunt and capture.

I normally don't have the luxury of a sale when it's my turn to hit the streets. My schedule revolves around the kindness of others. So today was a treat all around.

Males just don't understand or care how difficult shopping is and that timing is everything. A woman must be in the right frame of mind, be in the right place, and have the money available before even attempting to jump into the shopping mode. If any of those factors are not marching at the same beat as the others, the whole shebang is lost.

Don't try to understand if you aren't a female and if you are a female, don't even try to explain it. It's as if you're tasting the perfect dessert. Each of our taste buds have different levels of enjoyment and what makes something perfect to one does not necessarily do the same for another.

Now, here's the topper. Steve and I hit the jackpot by having an early dinner at the social hour prices. Half-price! How's that for a perfect afternoon!

I wishing you all a delightful afternoon too!

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