Saturday, June 4, 2011

Perfect Saturday

I am starting my new venture today by writing a blog. Signs of Life

June 3, 2011. Friday

Just saw a program that started me thinking about my next venture of writing. I have been living with brain cancer since diagnosed in January 2010. There are times of elation, such as the days we, Steve and I, receive news confirming the cancer has not raised it's head again. But there are times when something will remind me that my time could be very short.

I have decided to journal. It is good to concentrate on the many signs of life I experience each day.

Two days ago, Wednesday the 1st, Steve and I had the privilege of caring for little Evan, age 20 months. Small children have a way of allowing a person to see the world through their eyes. His delightful smile is so contagious. His enthusiasm for almost everything he does makes one feel renewed with energy. We played Evan's game when we went to have our pictures taken. None of this posed stuff was in his repertoire. The candids reflected Evan's spirit in the room. They are definitely a sign of life.

Thursday the 2nd, encompassed another sign of life. Steve and I attended a funeral service for a elderly mother of a friend of ours. The priest spoke of her life and love for her family. We were told that she was heard laughing hysterically before they found her at peace on her bed. Perhaps she was thrilled at the glimpse she saw of heaven. I am taking that as a sign of reassurance of our life to come. Death is certainly part of life.

Today I ordered pleated flag banners to be flown from the rafters at our small park across the street. I plan to see them for the fourth of July and again for the patriotic holidays in the years to come. To me, our country gives us a chance to enjoy a multitude of wonderful opportunities everyday. I enjoyed a refreshing glass of lemon aid from the neighbor girls' stand. I love that someone took the time to let their girls experience some of the same fun we did many years ago. Another sign of life.

June 4 Saturday

Breakfast on the front patio. Rather, a food bar and a diet coke. But just the same, we are outside, the birds are singing, the wind is calm enough to read the paper and I would say, it's a perfect morning for a garage sale. Yes, we have exactly 12 items to sell. One of which we sold yesterday and I hope the new owners claim it today. Now I know why Steve likes Goodwill so much. No waiting, just drop it off and take the receipt. It's 10:00 already and not one car has barely even slowed down to ponder over the 11 treasures we are about to give to anyone who would stop. Maybe this was not such a good idea. At least we are enjoying the signs of life outside. Okay, if no one comes by with a look of intent in the next 15 minutes, I say, shut it down. Down it goes! t

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