Thursday, June 23, 2011

Be Prepared!

Preparation is my mantra. It is so important for my peace of mind, to do everything I can do ahead of time. Preparedness refers to most aspects of my life. I will start hours, days or even weeks ahead of time to make sure whatever my goal is, can be accomplished. My stamina has never been one of my strong suits, therefore I have made a habit of spreading out the work as much as possible.

I can remember when my children were in early grade school. At night, I would always help them pick out their clothes for the following day so there wouldn't be any unneeded stress. One night I had gone into our son's room and found his clothes laying on the floor. It really looked like what you would see from a crime scene, you know the chalk drawing. Only this was a "flat-Sean" lying there, complete with socks coming out of the trouser legs. I should have taken a picture of it but we didn't have phones that took pictures that long ago, why we didn't even have cell phones. As this story goes, Sean continued this habit for quite some time. My bet is he quit before college.

Yes, I always still sleep better if I think I have the next day under control. I much prefer to get up leisurely and enjoy a cup of coffee before having to face the rest of the day. So today is the day for me to round up all of the patriotic paraphernalia I have already acquired, and start getting organized. Let me remind you that my Chef Steve is offering to serve our community his famous buttermilk pancakes on the morning of the fourth of July, at our small park across the street from us.

The pleated flag banners have made it to the front of the pavilion in the park today. They look great and I do hope they will serve as a reminder to those residents who have not bothered to email us yet.

Tonight is "wine in the park", so I am hoping to recruit a few friends to help set up the parade route for all the kids and adults, who think they are kids. Maybe I will need to include a few chocolate chip cookies to enhance my recruiting skills.

I've got the plates, silverware and cups. The tablecloths and star-studded napkins are ready to go. thank goodness I inherited the 40-cup coffee pot from my mother. The decorations for the golf cart and tandem have been purchased. Steve and I have matching shirts! Games for the kids to play have been secured.

Please let me know what else I need!


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